City Sampler Award

The CitySampler award is one of our most flexible products.
It offers the most freedom for recipients to choose where, when and how long they stay.

How it Works

The CitySampler Award is a “Stored Value” product. You determine the amount of the face value for the award. The recipient activates the award and creates an account that will give them the ability to immediately book ANY hotel in ANY destination they choose, on the dates that fit them best.

The stored value is the beginning balance placed in their account, and they are free to “spend” the amount for a single reservation to the may apply only a portion of their award to the cost of the booking.

Here are some of the key features of the CitySampler award

  • Any amount can be “loaded”… from as little as $50 to as much as $5,000.
  • Any number of reservations can be made against the balance of the stored value.
  • There are no expiration dates on the award.
  • There are no black-out dates for travel.
  • They can book a trip for a cost greater than the balance of their award and pay the difference at time of booking.
  • There are no restrictions on the brand, quality or features of the hotel they book… ALL options available are presented for booking.
  • Underlying hotel rates are NOT inflated… they are true wholesale rates, many available to “members only”.
The power of leisure travel is wide ranging and far reaching. That’s why it has a place in your business plan, no matter what your plan is.


Promote customer acquisition. Boost trial. Increase upsell. Reward referrals. Threshold incentive. Motivate desired behaviors.


Reward loyalty. Promote retention. Increase market share.


Length-of-service award. Powerful wellness benefit. Promote employee retention. Increase referrals. Instant recognition award. Increase engagement.

B-2-B Channel Promotion

Recognize prime partners. Reward increased performance. Increase brand awareness. Build market share. Promote collaboration and retention. Powerful corporate gift. Reward suppliers.

Corporate Travel Tool

Enforce corporate travel policies. Control relocation costs. Enable temporary housing.

Fund Raising

Our products make excellent fundraisers, with special attention to your valued donors.

Give your gift card program some “Get Up & GO”!

If you include gift cards in your incentive or loyalty program, you need to take a closer look at the CitySampler awards. For the same price as you spend for dinner for two at a chain restaurant, you can get someone started on a meaningful, memorable weekend getaway.

And remember… every award we produce shares some very important common features:

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, for both the business client and the traveler.
  • All of our products can be booked online or through Toll Free Reservations Dept.
  • Fixed price for awards, regardless of redemption/fulfillment costs. Incentivations assumes all the risk associated with redemption.
  • Higher perceived value than merchandise awards and gift cards.
  • Web & Call Center reservations can be co-branded with business partner.
  • Available in multiple levels or award tiers
  • All awards include room charges and lodging taxes.
  • Post-travel Customer Satisfaction reporting
  • Electronic fulfillment for instant reward or physical fulfillment options