The Amerescapes Award

The AmerEscapes award is our points conversion product and platform. We’ll turn your loyalty award program’s points into a dollar value to be applied to a hotel stay.

We can connect our booking engine to your loyalty platform in real-time, or the booking engine can act as a stand-alone redemption platform… it’s up to you. Either solution can be co-branded or private labeled so your loyalty members stay inside your family of benefits.

AmerEscapes awards are as flexible as you want to make them. You can have complete control over the product design (hotel redemption options) or it can be a wide-open opportunity with no restrictions. Whether your cost/benefit structure enables a complete booking or simply a “credited” dollar amount deducted from the booking cost, our platform can handle it.

Here is the list of parameters that can be applied to the AmerEscapes point conversion environment:

Length of Stay

The number of nights entitled with the award.

Where They Can Go

There are more than 7,000 discrete searchable locations in the program.

The "Travel Window"

How long do they have to use the award.

Quality Rating or Star Level

Anywhere from 1- to 5-stars, or any combination of stars.

Which Hotel Brands are Included

The more the merrier, but this can be designed into the product and enforced in the booking process.

Travelling Party Size

Can be limited to 2 adults, or a maximum of 4 people, including at least one adult.

Lodging Tiers

Luxury, Upscale, Midscale, Budget and several points in between.

Lodging Type

City-center hotel, all-suite property for families, boutique hotels. Spa resorts. Golf resorts. Roadside inns.

Terms & Conditions

This is a catch-all for various factors that affect the cost of the award, including transferability, cancelability of reservations, and a host of others.

With its flexible redemption platform and completely customizable product configurations, we know the AmerEscapes award will be an ideal fit for:

Loyalty Programs

Promote customer acquisition. Boost trial. Increase upsell. Reward referrals. Threshold incentive. Motivate desired behaviors.

Gift Card Program Inclusion

High perceived value. Personalized award.

And remember… every award we produce shares some very important common features:

  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, for both the business client and the traveler.
  • All of our products can be booked online or through Toll Free Reservations Dept.
  • Fixed price for awards, regardless of redemption/fulfillment costs. Incentivations assumes all the risk associated with redemption.
  • Higher perceived value than merchandise awards and gift cards.
  • Web & Call Center reservations can be co-branded with business partner.
  • Available in multiple levels or award tiers
  • All awards include room charges and lodging taxes.
  • Post-travel Customer Satisfaction reporting
  • Electronic fulfillment for instant reward or physical fulfillment options